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Developing positive outcomes for isolated children and families.

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Contact’s unique expertise in delivering effective and impactful child, parent and community programs for isolated, vulnerable, and disadvantaged families is needed now more than ever. 


With your help we can make a difference.

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About Us

Contact serves the community by working across all child, family and children’s sectors, providing service delivery in ways that best fit local child and family need. 


Working in rural and remote communities throughout Australia, Contact’s utilises it’s extensive networks, experience and established strategies to designs and deliver:
- Innovative professional and resourcing programs to skill the community and its services:

  • Offer specifically developed supports, referrals

  • Develop creative solutions that are responsive to locally identified needs for rural and remote communities.

Our work in action

Building sustainable communities through community led, local solutions. 

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From Idea to Reality: The History of Outback Mobiles.


Contact invites you to support our community-focused  programs.


Explore Contact's story of impact and strategic plans for the future.



Empowering Isolated communities

Established in 1979, to celebrate the International Year of the Child, Contact is Australia's dedicated charity addressing the impacts of isolation on children, families, and communities.


Operating nationally while working locally, Contact focus is on building resilient and sustainable rural and remote communities, and positive outcomes for isolated children and families.


Join Us in Making a Difference

We encourage you to support our efforts in any way you can or
just let us know what you like or dislike and any ideas to improve this service.

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